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A Comparative LCOE Analysis of Renewable vs. Fossil Energy

September 1, 2023

Category: Renewable Energy

As part of our commitment to support the renewable energy sector, Simion Advisory Partners undertook a robust Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) analysis project. The aim was to provide a comprehensive comparison of the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy sources and fossil fuel sources across numerous projects. LCOE, a measure of the average net present cost of electricity generation for a generating plant over its lifetime, is a crucial metric in energy project evaluation and investment decisions.

Our team of seasoned sustainability consultants and energy analysts collaborated closely with our clients, gaining a deep understanding of their energy projects. These projects spanned a wide array of energy sources, including wind, solar, hydro, natural gas, coal, and oil. We reviewed each project’s specific operational, financial, and technical parameters, including capital and operational expenditures, project lifespan, energy output, and financial discount rates.

With this detailed information in hand, we performed extensive LCOE calculations for each project. This included modeling various scenarios to account for uncertainties in costs, energy yield, and financial parameters. The process was meticulous and thorough, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.

The outcome was a comprehensive dataset detailing the LCOE for each energy source across the projects. This allowed our clients to compare the cost-effectiveness of renewable and fossil fuel sources directly. It provided critical insights into the financial feasibility of various energy projects and the long-term cost implications of their energy choices.

Beyond the raw data, we presented our findings in an accessible and insightful manner. This included detailed reports outlining the methodology and results of the LCOE calculations and visual dashboards presenting the data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format. This approach allowed our clients to leverage the LCOE analysis effectively, guiding strategic decision-making and investment planning.

The Energy LCOE Analysis project showcased our deep understanding of the renewable energy sector and our ability to provide valuable insights through our sustainability consulting services. At Simion Advisory Partners, we continue to support our clients in their journey towards sustainable energy, providing robust analyses and strategic advice to navigate the evolving energy landscape.