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Challenge Yourself - The Sand Games

December 8, 2023

Category: Emerging Business Models

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Romanian entrepreneur Bogdan Petre in organizing a unique and captivating event: “Challenge Yourself – The Sand Games” (Jocurile Nisipului) series. This innovative concept, evolved from the experiences of the two successful RiseUP festivals, promises to redefine mass entertainment and community interaction.

The Romanian festival landscape has recently seen a notable surge in popularity. In 2023, the top five festivals alone drew over 1.3 million attendees, and it’s projected that the total number of festival-goers could exceed 2 million by year’s end.

“Challenge Yourself – The Sand Games” (Jocurile Nisipului) stands out as more than just a typical gathering; it’s an event that resonates with current societal trends, emphasizing community involvement and athletic endeavors. It aims to unite participants with their families and friends in a celebration of communal spirit and sportsmanship.


Designed to be inclusive, “Challenge Yourself” combines sports competitions, entertainment, and socializing opportunities. This blend ensures the program appeals to a wide audience.

In addition to athletic contests, the lineup includes concerts, interactive activities, and laser displays, offering a diverse range of experiences over two days. The schedule features various sports challenges, culminating in a finale with a renowned international DJ. Additionally, there’s the excitement of competing for a share of the €250,000 in cash prizes.

The National Arena, which can seat 55,634, will be the venue for this occasion. For the “Final Event Extravaganza,” the arena will increase its capacity by adding 20,000 standing spots on the grass, allowing for a larger audience and a more dynamic experience.


At Simion Advisory Partners, we have been involved in this project from the concept phase. We have worked closely with Bogdan Petre and his team, contributing to the Business Plan, Financial Modeling, Partner Presentations, and much more. Currently, we are focusing on developing strategic partnerships and popularizing the event, using new technologies and social media automation.

“Challenge Yourself – The Sand Games” will unite people from various backgrounds, celebrating sports, culture, and community. We invite you to be part of this extraordinary adventure!