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Simplifying Music Education: The SAMii Revolution by Pete Barter

January 11, 2024

Category: Emerging Business Models

Simion Advisory Partners is delighted to introduce Pete Barter, an innovative music educator and entrepreneur who’s changing the landscape of music teaching. Pete’s passion for music and automation has led to the creation of SAMii, a cutting-edge student management tool specifically designed for music teachers.

SAMii is a game-changer in the world of music education. It offers a seamless experience for managing both private, one-on-one students, and group lessons. The platform is a testament to Pete’s innovative approach, where he combines his love for music with his knack for automation. With SAMii, music teachers can now focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.

One of the standout features of SAMii is its automated payment system. This feature allows teachers to receive payments for their lessons weekly, without the hassle of writing a single invoice. It’s not just efficient; it’s revolutionary. During its testing phase, SAMii has impressively facilitated over $300,000 in payments for a select group of users across more than 8,000 lessons.

But Pete’s vision doesn’t stop there. He’s excited to announce the pre-registration launch of SAMii Lite – the most advanced version of the tool, soon to be available to the wider market. This version promises to bring even more features and efficiencies to music educators around the globe.

Beyond SAMii, Pete’s dedication to the arts is evident in his TEDx talk , where he shares his insights and experiences. Additionally, Pete has prepared a comprehensive research document on the Arts ecosystem, further showcasing his commitment to the field.

At Simion Advisory Partners, we’re proud to support visionaries like Pete. His work in transforming music education not only demonstrates innovation but also a deep understanding of the needs of music educators and students. We’re excited to see how SAMii continues to evolve and shape the future of music education.